Facebook At work about to be a real thing

FB4workMany of us started hearing about this for quite some time now. Facebook is perhaps about to make work as addictive as social networking with its enterprise communication and collaboration network Facebook At Work real soon (this month)  and it is going to be based on a per-seat pricing model instead of a single price per company/organization.

Facebook At Work subscribers will be able to use the the special Work Feed of posts from co-workers and therefore be able to exchange ideas or even manage task assignment. There will be available groups and messenger including audio and video calling on an obvious competition other platforms like Skype for example. Of course, it will also promote social network’s profiles, events and live video.

How much will all this cost? Not announced yet. But to be honest I don’t see a problem here once I honestly believe that companies will be tempted by its adoption. Especially if we consider some unification and a definitely strong familiarity for all parties involved (starting on final users point of view).

Microsoft’s Yammer is for sure one of the rulers when we think about professional social networking, but I think it’s safe to assume that a strong competitor is about to rise.

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