Video Conference Anywhere at anytime and simple ?

How many of you at least once in your interactions with others felt the need to have an uncomplicated video conferencing system available?

Questions like ” Do you have Skype?” “Do you know webex ?” or spelling out complex usernames and all the mis findings involved or having to share phone numbers that are often associated with other platforms are sure common struggles nowadays.

How about if you could just send a link to your peer and simply start video conferencing?

appear.inThat is possible in a very simple way with 

As simple as entering this 2012 startup site, create a room, share the link up to 8 intervenients, work and speak together!

You can use appear without any registration, but if you register (and it’s free) you can have some more control in your rooms.

Even using it unregistered you can actually share your screen what makes this amazing tool near perfect for collaboration amongst co-workers or simply to use for online meetings.

Here is a small video I just made for you to demonstrate the potential:


But this is not all. You can actually use it on your smartphone, there are apps for Android and IoS:





Also, you actually can implement a random room name on your own page, appear makes available for you to use their JavaScript SDK for this purpose.

There are also some very nice integrations available:

  • Slack
  • Trello
  • HipChat
  • Podio

For sure one of the most amazing collaboration video conferencing tools for the moment.

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