How to Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate with Auto-Renewal on WordPress Hosted on AWS Lightsail

I could write an all article about how to do this. However, like in so many other times, when we research online, we can find high-quality articles that lead to achieving what we want.

My goal was to avoid this blog’s SSL expiring and go through the process to renew it every 90 days. With a relatively quick search, I came across an article that makes this ( auto renewal ) simple and non-dependant on having to edit a TXT record on your DNS zone!

You can follow the link for the article below:

The new Google Data Studio 360

google-data-studio-exampleThe brand new Google Data Studio 360 (consider that is still in beta stage ) that is now part of the Google Analytics 360 Suite is a creation from Google to present your data in the form of very apelative and informative reports. Easy readable, easy on sharing, and of course fully customizable.

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