Chrome Tab Groups: How to enable them.

Tab Groups is an attractive new feature available since a few days ago in Chrome. This capability will allow you to organize all your open tabs into groups, making it easier to find your way through or even creating better separation of topics during the day. This post will show you how to enable it right now!

Let’s start to assure you have the latest available version of Chrome browser. To do so, you just have to navigate to Settings>About Chrome.

Once you have the latest version installed, you can type the URL chrome://flags/ in your address bar:

You can then search for “tab” and you will have available the following settings:

As you can see from the example above, Tab Groups was enabled in my Chrome Settings (along with Collapse). Chrome will ask you to reload after applying these new settings.

Congratulations! You can now create new Tab Groups and improve your browsing experience. How can you do that?

To create a new Group of Tabs, you can right-click a tab and select Add to new group option.
You will notice that you can change colours by clicking on the dot that appears in the new group treated. From there you can also change its name.
To add tabs to an existing group, you can right-click each open tab and select Add to a group. Alternatively, you can simply drag the tab and drop on the group. To remove tabs from a group, it’s the reverse process.
The video below will show you this in more detail.

Using Chrome Tab Groups

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